About Bjull

Share the food you grow with new friends around you!

Bjull is the online community where hobby farmers find friends to share the surplus of their gardens thus create new bonds with the neighborhood. Listed on www.bjull.com there are also small farms who can reach a wider audience of customers interested in local foods.  

So, foodies find a way to sustain local businesses and to access hard to find native species. But they find a new concept of trust: a label says only how a product is grown, while Bjull tells the whole story of who farmed it.

www.bjull.com is online and the subscription is open to small farms and hobby farmers alike.

As of today, the community counts more than 120 farmers spread in whole Italy.
There are available more than 250 seasonal and local products: everyday grocery shopping (tomatoes, salad, free range eggs, etc.) but also high valuable products (agrumes, olive oil, saffron, etc.).

There are restaurants, ice cream shops looking on Bjull to find the freshest local product to use in their kitchens; we supply also vegan social eating events.  

Besides the website, the community is also on Facebook (1900 fans) and on the main social networks.

The team Bjull is formed by two:

Sally Semeria – former community manager at Gnammo (social eating) and italian market expert for Airbnb. In the past, sales agent of food & wine. She is also a hobby farmer (olive oil in Liguria) and a certified AIS wine taster.

Francesco Grandazzi – creative supervisor at Doing, Milan. Notable experiences: head of design team City of Milan new website; urban agriculture consultant at IED Milan; promotion of foods from Tohoku, Japan; promotion of flower farming industry Sanremo, Italy.

Do you have questions? Ask sally@bjull.com